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Exam Date : 02 April

Registration Closed

All Registration has been closed. Participants have to prepare now for exam. If you will read all 90 Questions from Booklet then you will be able to answer the Questions

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Details of Exam will be shared soon. For more details PLEASE WHATSAPP +919522880036

Know About GLC & 90 Questions

Download the Question Booklet

Each Questions will have Bhagavad Gita Verse. To See answer just read that verse.

Who Can Participate

Anyone can participate, there is no age Limit

Exam Syllabus

Please find the booklet above, questions will be asked from booklet itself.
Questions will be in Hindi and English Both Language

Exam Pattern

Multiple Choice Questions will be asked and only 2 Subjective Questions will be there.
Exam will be Online at 2nd April 2023

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